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Common Abnormal Conditions and Warning Signs during Pregnancy - A Brief Look

  • Hyperemesis Gravidarum


    Excessive vomiting leading to weakness sometimes necessitating intravenous glucose drips for correction.


    Warning Signs:

    Severe weakness, giddiness, dehydration


  • Ectopic Gestation


    Urine pregnany test is positive, but pregnancy fixes somewhere outside uterus, mostly in the tubes.


    Warning Signs:

    Giddiness, Abdominal cramps, spotting following missing period.

  • Missed Abortion


    Cases where growth of the embryo suddenly stops even without showing any symptoms like bleeding.


    Warning Signs:

    There may not be any symptom of abortion, the condition diagnosed by ultrasound scanning.

  • Absent Foetal Movements



  • Cervical Incompetence


    Sudden miscarriage happens usually early 2nd Trimester (4-5 months).


    Warning Signs:

    Sudden leakage of liquor, lower abdomen discomfort.

  • Pre Eclampsia


    High Blood Pressure, oedema and presence of albumin in urine.


    Warning Signs:

    Swelling in the feet, face, ankles, decreased urine output.


    IMPORTANT: Regular BP checking and urine testing.

  • Gestational Diabetes


    Some women develop diabetes in pregnancy when increased insulin requirements of growing foetus leads to decrease in available insulin for glucose metabolism resulting in hyperglycemia.



    It is important to undergo regular sugar tests or urine and blood including GTT during ante-natal visits.

    Unless recognised and controlled, gestational diabetes may lead to congenital abnormalities in children.

  • Regular Monthly Check-Ups


    Treatment and constructive dialogue with our expert gynaecologist Dr. P.G. Sasikala, who will answer any queries you will have during your entire journey in pregnancy.


  • Antenatal Profile


    Routine blood & urine tests for pregnant women.

  • Glucose Tolerance Test


  • Thyroid Function Test



  • Down's Syndrome Screening


  • High Vaginal Swab Culture & Sensitivity


  • Ultrasound Scanning


    Early Scan (6-8 weeks)


    To assess site of pregnancy as well as viability and to rule out multiple gestation and missed abortion.


    At 11-13 weeks:


    Nuchal Translucency Scan (Down's Syndrome Screening Purpose)


    At 18-20 weeks:


    To rule out developmental anomalies.


    At 20 weeks:


    In case there are abnormal findings on examination like oligoamnios (less amniotic fluid) hydramnios (excessive amniotic fluid), intra uterine growth retardation (IUGR) etc.

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