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Infertility Care Treatment (without Artificial Techniques)

As a Primary (Level 1) Infertility care unit, at Al Raas Private Medical Clinic, Dubai we offer the following services:

1. Basic analysis into the cause of Infertility – from female, male partner, or both or unexplained – detailed history, physical examination.

2. Suggesting the necessary investigations - blood tests, hormone tests, semen analysis, ovulation study etc.

3. Ovulation monitoring – Follicular study by Transvaginal  Sonography

4. Correcting other factors like Thyroid disorders, Hyperprolactinemia, Diabetes etc. by proper medical treatment.

5. Detecting Reproductive Tract Infections using appropriate tests and treatment with proper antibiotics in either partner.

6. Treatment of PCOD (Polycystic Ovarian Disease), ovulation induction with appropriate medication.

7. Referral of the couple to Secondary (Level 2) or Tertiary (Level 3) infertility care units in multifactorial defects or cases that do not respond to conventional treatment.


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